Ecuador montañoso
In Quito, I got the first experience of high mountain climbing. Before it was not higher than 1,500 meters. But when living in Quito and its surroundings, I climbed to the height of 6,100 meters. Actually, the capital of Ecuador is around 3000. So to go up higher you do
Montaña de Ecuador
Climb a high mountain is an event that you have to get ready for in advance. You need to have proper physical and mental condition and to grab the necessary supplies. Here we are talking about the Andes, namely, the part located west of Bolivia (highest point). The advantage of
The great blue hole is a true paradise for those who love diving. It is 100 kilometers from Belize and it is closer to the Lighthouse Reef. History of training This place is a group of caves that were formed in the last years of the glacial period. At that