Other islands

In the Caribbean, there are more than 60 islands of various sizes. Most of them are of volcanic origin. Some are so tiny that one city can hardly fit there, for example, St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands). Others are quite developed and modernized, despite being isolated from the continent (for example, Barbados).

The islands are mainly divided into Big and Lesser Antilles and Small Bahamas.

When going on a trip to the Caribbean Islands you need to remember a few things: 1. This is a very expensive journey, that is there is no need to rely on savings. Of course, you can find accommodation on couchsurfing.com But on the islands, there is much less opportunity
Barbados is a surprising and little-known Caribbean country (here you will find more information). But you can learn about some curiosities about this beautiful place: 1. The capital of Barbados (now called Bridgetown) used to have the name of San Miguel. 2. Barbados has a fabulous old carnival called “Crop