Central America

The very juice and primitive culture of America can be felt here. This part contains the largest number of poor Latin American countries. Maya culture was also born here, unshakable nature here – wild forests and powerful volcanoes.

There is duality in the center of the American continent: there are no more northern nomadic tribes accustomed to the cold.

Mostly settled tribes, descendants of the Mayans, as well as the Indians of Panama. In the Indian race, there is a mixture of African slaves, Europeans and the original first settlers who were on this territory many centuries ago.

There are still villages where people of Native American descent live very poorly, almost unable to escape for a better life. This is described in a recent film about Mayan life at the foot of a volcano in Guatemala.

Поехать в Никарагуа
In Central America, there are a lot of more exotic countries. For most travelers, they seem dangerous or they do not inspire interest. However, some countries are so surprising that visiting only one of them can be a memorable event of the year. One of those countries is Nicaragua. This area
Поехать в Панаму
This small country located at the junction of two continents has very high importance in the economy of the countries of these continents. Panama controls the operation of the Panama Canal and participates in the destination of the ships that sail through it. It is a tax-free zone. Here you
Pirámides de Tikal
In the past Tikal was the capital of one of the most powerful Mayan settlements. The monumental architecture of the area dates back to the 4th century BC. The apogee of Tikal begins approximately between 200 and 900 years after the Christ. During this time, the city remained in contact
Скульпторы Гондураса
I met María José – a great personality and sculptor, very talented and creative – on the wonderful coast of Costa Rica. It was a spiritual encounter and it enriched us both. Now, after so much time spent I wanted to share this interview with one of the best artists
Costa Rica viajar
Costa Rica is a great natural challenge. It is a very green and humid country but this humidity has many contrasts: sometimes there are many winds, rains, and frequent temperature changes. You can not always see the blue sky and sun. The people who climb the Chirripó hill (the highest
The great blue hole is a true paradise for those who love diving. It is 100 kilometers from Belize and it is closer to the Lighthouse Reef. History of training This place is a group of caves that were formed in the last years of the glacial period. At that