Almost no one knows about the small country of Belize. However, for those who once entered these lands, Belize opened up with its unimaginably rich side.

First of all, it is the purest white beaches and deep waters of the Caribbean Sea, which wash them. This country is warm and welcoming, people are friendly and good-natured.

On their faces, you’ll find joy and contentment with life. Well, the majority, since the standard of living is quite high, the dollar is in use, and as a rule, the majority have work.

Due to the proximity of Mexico, many residents are immigrants. They come to work in Belize because there are many opportunities.

There are many reasons to travel to Belize to travel. These are mainly beaches and diving. Here is the famous Blue Hole, where lovers of diving from all over the world come together. There is a very beautiful underwater landscape, so many are engaged in underwater photography and video.

In addition, Belize is a departure or passing point for traveling to other countries. For example, from Mexico (Chetumal) you can get to Guatemala through Belize and further conquer Central and South America.

The great blue hole is a true paradise for those who love diving. It is 100 kilometers from Belize and it is closer to the Lighthouse Reef. History of training This place is a group of caves that were formed in the last years of the glacial period. At that