Costa Rica

The first acquaintance with magical Costa Rica and its outlandish nature must necessarily begin with one of the oceans, whether it be the Pacific or the Atlantic. In fact, the vast ocean is represented by the warm Caribbean with a variety of animals.

This small country with always warm climate abounds with fruit at any time of the year. Here you can find any kind of landscape – mountains, two coasts – wet, rainy and sunny arid, and even the beginning of the jungle near the border with Nicaragua.

Passing along the Costa Rican highway, you can see that this tiny country is the greenest in the world. Sometimes a bus literally makes its way through a dense tropical shrub hanging on both sides of the road.

Costa Rica viajar
Costa Rica is a great natural challenge. It is a very green and humid country but this humidity has many contrasts: sometimes there are many winds, rains, and frequent temperature changes. You can not always see the blue sky and sun. The people who climb the Chirripó hill (the highest