The wild, distinctive Guatemala is not yet fully understood and inspires fear. Outwardly, this hilly country with sheltered wooden huts in shrubs of vines causes a feeling left in time. People do not cease to be an integral part of nature. They spend time in forests and rivers, are engaged in fishing and agriculture.

Tourism is very developed here, especially in special areas. People make souvenirs with their own hands and look for loopholes to earn. Sometimes they live in such conditions that it is difficult to believe in the possibility of such an existence, for example, at the foot of a volcano or in a dense jungle. They are constantly fighting for survival.

Pirámides de Tikal
In the past Tikal was the capital of one of the most powerful Mayan settlements. The monumental architecture of the area dates back to the 4th century BC. The apogee of Tikal begins approximately between 200 and 900 years after the Christ. During this time, the city remained in contact