Nicaragua is considered the poorest country in Central America. Indeed, having arrived here, you can clearly feel the contrast with the nearest Costa Rica. The country, which is under the patronage of the United States, lives much better and calmer than in Nicaragua.

The strange contrast of the country is that in big cities, for example, in the capital Managua, a lot of money is invested in supporting and decorating the appearance of the city – lighting, shops, streets, the city center. However, only slightly moving away from the city center, you can immediately see the real image and living conditions of its inhabitants.

There are many people in distress and asking for help on the street, many wandering merchants, as well as thieves. In Nicaragua, you need to be careful on the streets: although there are almost no aggression and violence, they can easily be robbed.

The eastern part of the country is delightful since there are almost no cities there. Wildness and wasteland are rampant here, as well as many outlandish and exotic plants and animals.

Поехать в Никарагуа
In Central America, there are a lot of more exotic countries. For most travelers, they seem dangerous or they do not inspire interest. However, some countries are so surprising that visiting only one of them can be a memorable event of the year. One of those countries is Nicaragua. This area