Nicaragua is an amazing country in Central America. It is one of the best destinations for brave and experienced travelers backpacking in search of some unique adventure and a non-tourist environment.

Just a few years ago, Nicaragua was not extremely popular (if compared to other Central American gems like Costa Rica and Belize). Since then, it started opening up and welcoming new tourists. Many destinations and places in Nicaragua are not that touristy and well-developed. But it brings an extra spice and curiosity when making your way through this beautiful country.

Main activities that would be interesting in Nicaragua:

  • Snorkeling
  • High mountains and volcanoes
  • Historic villages and people

The eastern part of the country is delightful since there are almost no cities there. Wildness and wasteland are rampant here, as well as many outlandish and exotic plants and animals.

Поехать в Никарагуа
In Central America, there are a lot of more exotic countries. For most travelers, they seem dangerous or they do not inspire interest. However, some countries are so surprising that visiting only one of them can be a memorable event of the year. One of those countries is Nicaragua. This area