Panama is little known as a tourist destination. In Central America, travelers always prefer Guatemala for its uniqueness and wildness, Costa Rica for its untouched nature, beautiful beaches and surfing, and Nicaragua for the simplicity of the people and the indescribable beauty of the country itself, where there are still not many tourists.

Mostly people come here to the airport because almost all long-distance flights between Europe and the Americas go through Panama airport. This is a huge space with an infinite number of landing stripes. The airport is always full of people, day and night. Often boarding gates change because such a large number of aircraft is not at all easy to service.

The Panama Canal is a strategically important and economically strong place. All passenger ships and cargo ships from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean pass through it. The capital of the country is a tax-free zone. It’s hard to find even cheaper things and products in the Western Hemisphere than in Panama City. Paraguay is in second place, but here you need to monitor the quality of things.

Поехать в Панаму
This small country located at the junction of two continents has very high importance in the economy of the countries of these continents. Panama controls the operation of the Panama Canal and participates in the destination of the ships that sail through it. It is a tax-free zone. Here you