The history and prosperity of the Americas were delayed in relation to the countries of Eurasia. As the migrants went to these lands from northeast Asia through the Bering Strait, resettlement occurred from the Arctic territories and Alaska through the central plains deep to the south.

In the Americas, Inca Indians were able to reach the high Andes in Argentina and stopped there. There, in the area of ​​the Inca bridge at the top of Aconcagua, the last Inca refuge was found.

To the south, people lived separately, and there were significantly fewer settlements. These were mainly Indian groups in the regions of Chile, as well as the Indians of Tierra del Fuego.

There is still an annual tradition of uniting all the Indian tribes of North and South America in the center on the Isthmus of Panama. They flee from village to village and carry homemade gifts peculiar only to their tribe. Those who reach the meeting place participate in a common Indian holiday and exchange gifts and traditions.

Across the Americas countries, people and cultures differ but they all bear the common history. It is worth visiting the far North and the far South to compare and track the similarities between nations. Some strong tourists walk from the top to the bottom.

Amazing American lands include snowy high mountains in Alaska, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, and Peru. Incredible mountain lakes are spread throughout the South American continent. Smooth beaches abundant in wildlife and diversity go from north to south of both extended coasts of the Americas.

Медведи на Аляске
Alaska is a huge unexplored area, most of it is covered with snow and ice. It seems that you could come here for a few days and experience everything. That is my way of traveling 🙂 In two days at a gallop, to get a complete picture of Alaska. But
When going on a trip to the Caribbean Islands you need to remember a few things: 1. This is a very expensive journey, that is there is no need to rely on savings. Of course, you can find accommodation on But on the islands, there is much less opportunity
Пляж Бразилии Фернанду-ди-Норонья
Any part of the world can be a paradise – it all depends on one’s mood. However, some of the most beautiful and majestic of those places produce more effects. For me, the rich nature and jungle are places where I feel happy. From what I have seen and visited
Поездка в Форталезу
Fortaleza – is my favorite city in Brazil. Living in Fortaleza is a dream. It is located in the northeast of the country, almost at the entrance of the Brazilian forest. It is the capital of Ceará where there are more white and arid beaches in the country. The city
Поход в Горы Эквадора
Hiking in the mountains of Ecuador is a true survival experience. There are many inactive peaks and volcanoes that are covered in snow. It is necessary to climb in special clothing: warm socks, waterproof pants, jacket, helmet, leggings, gloves. And it is also necessary to use special shoes, metal jacks
America America
In my travels, I always try to not to spend much money. It is difficult and inconvenient in during a long and distant journey. That’s why what I do is save where I can do it. 1. Public transport only If I travel by land, I try not to use
Ahu Tongariki
The surface of Easter Island is 165 square km but there are so many interesting and beautiful places that you can always find some roads that are still unknown. For example, I was there for four months and I still find new places: a hidden path that I had not
Остров Пасхи Фото
Easter Island is 165 square kilometers with a population of approximately 3,000 inhabitants and tourists (information on the island of Rapa Nui) locals. Here are the platforms with the statues (Te Moai). However, not only stone giants are attractive to visitors. Thanks to the special tectonic structure and the emission
Salsa Cuba
Salsa is one of my passions for my whole life. In general, I love Latin American dance. But in salsa what I like most is music, especially Cuban salsa. In Cuba, salsa is treated as a living being, the heart of the people. Every night around 7:00, there are salsa
Индейцы Кечуа
In this part of the world, you do not need to think much to create your unique style. There are people who do not care what they look like, especially in the suburbs. I even saw a woman in her pajamas by bus. Sometimes children go out in their pajamas