Melodious Argentina stretched to almost half of the Latin American continent. Here, the standard of living and climate are very similar to those of Eastern European countries, that is why European immigrants prefer Argentina.

The country is at a high level of development: art, music, dancing, exhibitions, scientific activities. The appearance of people is very similar to the European one because at one time Argentina was a hot spot for sailors conquering new lands.

They all sailed to Buenos Aires to settle there. In the city, at that time there were all conditions for business development and profit. Gradually, people settled throughout the country, but they did not begin to cross the mountains to the borders with Chile.

That is why Chile has a much larger Native American population coming from Ecuador and Peru. And in Argentina, the first settlers were Europeans, with the exception of rare local tribes, in particular in the area of ​​Tierra del Fuego.

The southern part of the country, Patagonia is the place of the main tourist routes. Starting from the western mountains and to the coast of the Atlantic, where penguins sail, each cell on the map is a unique area rich in aesthetics and nature.

Ushuaia turismo
Ushuaia is the edge of the world, the place where Patagonia ends in Argentina and Antarctica begins. It is a magical and unique place. Clean and quiet with serene, snowy mountains, islands rich in wildlife and cheerful people who are not afraid of anything. Ushuaia is isolated from the rest