It is the poorest country in South America. Strong, silent and outwardly unfriendly people live here. It would seem so close to sunny Ecuador, where everyone has a smile, delight, and friendliness on their faces. However, the cold mountain of Bolivia, its weak economic situation and the conservative approach of the local population create an atmosphere of hostility.

Of course, Bolivia is also different. From Brazil and Paraguay, where the marsh jungle region continues, Chaco, the climate is always hot and humid. This is the low region of Bolivia where the sunny city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra is located.

Alpine Bolivia is an area of ​​the capital La Paz, as well as the Salar de Uyuni near the border with Chile. In the open area of ​​the salt desert, dry winds constantly blow. It has a tough climate that people have long adapted to. To go through the desert and get to the border, it will take 3-4 days on foot. There is no transport that travels in this direction through the desert.

You can enter Bolivia from the west from Peru on Lake Copacabana, and from the north, from the Amazon jungle, you can go down one of the most picturesque Brazilian roads (from the city of Porto Velho).

Montaña de Ecuador
Climb a high mountain is an event that you have to get ready for in advance. You need to have proper physical and mental condition and to grab the necessary supplies. Here we are talking about the Andes, namely, the part located west of Bolivia (highest point). The advantage of