Little entertaining Colombia is liked by everyone who once visited here. The first impression of the country is the colorful shades of people and landscapes, the wild jungle and the majestic ruins of ancient civilizations.

Many Ecuadorians go to Colombia for shopping, because it is very inexpensive. Relax in the country can be cheaper than in some resorts in Ecuador. The pearl of Colombia is the island of Providencia with stunning white beaches and clear water. Many come here specifically for diving training.

Colombia became famous for its extravagant clothing style and body cult. The winners of many beauty contests are Colombian women who make it clear that the female body shape is valued in the country. The fashion to shape the body with the help of special clothes or even plastic surgeries is gradually spreading to Ecuador and even Peru.

Camino a Mazamitla
Colombia has a thousand beauties and beautiful tourist places. Traveling to Colombia is to take a daring trip and get to know the most exotic history and landscapes of northern Latin America. 1. Bogotá. Center of Colombia: The capital of Colombia is one of the best destinations in South America