This is one of the few countries where true human values ​​are still held in high esteem. Arriving in Greenland, I was surprised how much close people support each other, and also like to spend time together, socialize, play sports, arrange holidays.

In the capital of the city (Nuuk), events uniting the population are often held) – fairs with traditional costumes and food, competitions and concerts. This is a very bright and fun place despite the eternal cold. In winter, there is so much snow in the capital that you can wallow in snowdrifts, climbing into a residential area of ​​the city.

People live in low houses that do not close the horizon. Together they survive snow and wind storms. Sometimes the wind reaches such a force that flights are delayed for several days.

In the summer, almost all cities host the whale and big game season. People put a lot of effort and time to get food for the winter.

Currently, the country is inhabited by Norwegians, Danes and other representatives of Scandinavia. Many come for work, personal interests or volunteer projects.

Greenland (in the local language Kalaallit Nunaat) has always attracted travelers with their puzzles hidden beneath the eternal snows. How and when is it better to go to Greenland? Traveling to this part of the world is a not very frequent phenomenon. Greenland is not only distant and cold, but