There are countries where you can come again and again and never cease to be amazed at their magnificence and the abundance of places that you can see in them.

There are countries where very interesting people, and the atmosphere is so carefree that I want to stay there forever. I named this list the TOP-10 countries where you should come back.

Iceland is one such country. Here, literally every region has riddles and a million paintings that can be painted in its lonely open spaces. You need to go to Iceland at least once in your life.

The harsh nature and few people compliment the uniqueness of this country. Here you can enjoy the unique views when there is nobody around for several kilometers. Seeing the landscapes of Iceland, sometimes a simultaneous feeling of integrity and emptiness rise.

Traveling around Iceland causes a storm of emotions. The country is rich in culture and talented musicians, dancers, writers. Her people have an ancient warlike past and a strong nature.

Водопады Исландия
There are countries that are particularly rich in these natural wonders, for example, Norway, Canada, Iceland, the USA, Chile. In Japan, there are more than 2000 waterfalls but they are small. In Zambia, on the other hand, there are few waterfalls but they are huge. In New Zealand, there are