The largest continent in the world. It was once part of a huge Pangea. The area of ​​the mainland is almost 55 mln sq. km.

Despite the fact that most of Eurasia are located in the Northern Hemisphere, still, part of the islands is located in the Southern.

The unique natural diversity of the climatic zones of the mainland, and it is also the only continent that is washed by all 4 oceans of the Earth. Eurasia finally formed in the Precambrian era. There are many faults and cracks in the mainland, many of which can be found in Tibet and Siberia.

Eurasia is rich in surface and groundwater. Its rivers flow into all the oceans of the world. The nutrition of most rivers is mainly rain, and in the mountains – glacial. They are full year-round.

In this article, I want to share some routes that can be done to travel in Europe. In fact, thanks to cheap flights that have appeared in recent years you can find the rather curious way of getting to know the European countries. Route 1 Kiev -> Oslo -> Reykjavik
For those also enjoy exploring the underwater world, the most attractive and extensive coral area is the Coral Triangle in Southeast Asia. These travel ideas just come by themselves. I just googled “the most beautiful snorkeling spots” and found this pearl. Islands of Raja Ampat was a quite unfamiliar place,
Водопады Исландия
There are countries that are particularly rich in these natural wonders, for example, Norway, Canada, Iceland, the USA, Chile. In Japan, there are more than 2000 waterfalls but they are small. In Zambia, on the other hand, there are few waterfalls but they are huge. In New Zealand, there are
Greenland (in the local language Kalaallit Nunaat) has always attracted travelers with their puzzles hidden beneath the eternal snows. How and when is it better to go to Greenland? Traveling to this part of the world is a not very frequent phenomenon. Greenland is not only distant and cold, but
The most fascinating journey usually happens unexpectedly! I want to try new ways of moving from one country to another. For example, to cross from Kamchatka to Alaska or vice versa, or to cross Brazilian Amazon into Colombia, as well as, for example, to do a trip around the world