Andorra is my 88th country and the most beloved of miniature states. A few facts about Andorra 📍 The country is high in the mountains and it is really hard to get here. Neither by plane nor train, but only by bus from France and Spain. 📍Andorra la Vella –
Путешествие по Миру
Why did I think about going around the world? It all started with a trip to Easter Island where for some reason I stayed for half a year. There I worked in the library where I came across a bunch of books about the islands of the Pacific Ocean. This
Поездка в Форталезу
Fortaleza – is my favorite city in Brazil. Living in Fortaleza is a dream. It is located in the northeast of the country, almost at the entrance of the Brazilian forest. It is the capital of Ceará where there are more white and arid beaches in the country. The city
Turismo en Chile
In this article, I want to talk a little about how and where to be careful. Well, in general, about travelers and how to be alert on the trip. Chile is a country in the South American continent that can not be considered dangerous or criminal. It is very safe