Поход в Горы Эквадора
Hiking in the mountains of Ecuador is a true survival experience. There are many inactive peaks and volcanoes that are covered in snow. It is necessary to climb in special clothing: warm socks, waterproof pants, jacket, helmet, leggings, gloves. And it is also necessary to use special shoes, metal jacks
Индейцы Кечуа
In this part of the world, you do not need to think much to create your unique style. There are people who do not care what they look like, especially in the suburbs. I even saw a woman in her pajamas by bus. Sometimes children go out in their pajamas
Ceviche Ecuador
Ecuador is one of the paradisiacal countries where there is always fresh fruit and vegetables, and the taste of food is wonderful. As far as the country is located in the climatic zones you can always find an exotic mix of dishes and flavors. Each region has its own characteristics
Жить в Кито
Quito – it is not one of the safest cities in the world. In the center of the city, to the south and in some regions of the north, even citizens are afraid to leave after 7 or 8 in the afternoon. Center of Quito In this part of the
Ecuador montañoso
In Quito, I got the first experience of high mountain climbing. Before it was not higher than 1,500 meters. But when living in Quito and its surroundings, I climbed to the height of 6,100 meters. Actually, the capital of Ecuador is around 3000. So to go up higher you do