What is Ecuador?

Ecuador is a small mountainous state located in the equatorial zone. Its total area (together with the Galapagos Islands) is about 280 thousand square km. About 15 million Ecuadorians live here. Ecuador is a diverse and sincere country. You can find everything in it: high mountains, beautiful beaches, and wide waves, the jungle and the amazing wildlife, as well as ancient cities.

Holidays in Ecuador will certainly become special for any visitor. This country is even more modern than in some countries in Eurasia. The standard of living in Ecuador is quite high compared to other countries in South America.

This is one of my favorite countries, which at one time especially impressed me. The other favorites are Brazil, Mexico, Iceland, Cuba, or the country where you want to return.

Where is Ecuador

Ecuador is surrounded by Colombia from the northeast and Peru from the southeast. From the west, the country borders on the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, there are many beaches, and beach holidays in Ecuador are so popular.

Along the coastline is Ruta del Sol (Sun Road) which crosses all the famous beaches. It may take about 15 hours to cross the country from north to south. The same amount of time is needed to cross it in the widest place from west to east.

The difficulty of moving is that in order to get from the beach to the center of Ecuador, you need to go down from a height of 3000m, and this is a long way along the serpentine road. The same thing needs to be done to go down into the jungle.

Weather in Ecuador

In the amazing country of Ecuador, the climate contains almost all the zones that exist in the world! The Pacific coast is characterized by a humid marine climate with light but fast winds, causing quick and heavy rains. The center of Ecuador is a kingdom of cool mountain climate.

A large number of active and asleep volcanoes are concentrated here: Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Antisana, Cayambe, Rucu Pichincha, Tunguragua, etc. (article on volcanoes).

Since the country of Ecuador is in the equatorial zone, it is very hot and dry in the mountains during the day but it goes down at night. frost and moisture.

The largest volcano in Ecuador, which is still active, is Cotopaxi. In 2015, it exploded again and periodically makes noise and throws out ash and smoke. And the eastern jungle is saturated with moisture, a sultry heat, heavy rain and lack of wind.

In the capital of Quito, even during the day, there can be quite variable weather. Ecuador is rich in surprises. The bright scorching morning sun can be replaced by rain at three in the afternoon.

The hottest time is from November to March. Although the climate of Ecuador is implicit, there is still a temperature difference in summer and winter.

From May to August, the air is much cooler, and it rains more often. The average temperature in the capital is 20 °. It can drop even to 8-9 ° in cold weather at night and rise to 30 ° in especially hot noon. On the coast and in the jungle, the average temperature is 27-30 °.

Ecuador on a world map

So where is Ecuador located on the map? Namely, between 2 ° south latitude and 77.5 ° west longitude. Among other Latin American countries, this is one of the smallest Latin American countries.

The flag of Ecuador contains three colors: red, blue and yellow. Coat of arms of Ecuador – a picture with a painted eagle (the most important bird of the country). The President of Ecuador is Lenín Moreno.

Time in Ecuador differs from European time 6 hours ago. The country lives on GMT -5. Moreover, sometimes in the summer, it moves an hour ahead, but not every year.

Life in Ecuador flows in slow motion. Here, no one is in a hurry, people do not follow the schedule and schedule. Working life is extremely free and easy. Ecuadorians are smiling and friendly.

Ecuador Economy

The Republic of Ecuador is currently living quite successfully. A particularly active rise has been observed in the last ten years. The most profitable industries and agriculture: oil exports (40% of the country’s total income), bananas (about $ 1 billion in annual income), shrimp ($ 250 million) and flowers ($ 300 million).

Major export partners: USA (37%), Chile and Peru (8% each), Colombia, Japan and Russia (about 4%). In order to make a successful business in Ecuador, it is best to set up an oil well. Most of them are located in the jungle of the Amazon. Do not forget that tourism in Ecuador is also one of the main incomes of the economy.

Currency of Ecuador

The currency of Ecuador is the American dollar. Until recently, the country had its own money, but the crisis led to its complete devaluation, and the Ecuadorian currency lost value.

Thanks to the introduction of the dollar, the country has become a tidbit for residents of nearby countries (especially Colombia and Venezuela). People come here in search of work or the development of their own business. Many remain to live in Ecuador, because it is relatively calm, and there are conditions for life and beneficial work.

The average salary in Ecuador is $ 600. The cost of living is about $ 300, and a good salary can reach $ 1,500 and $ 2,000 per month, or even more.

Ecuador’s money is valued abroad because only a few countries have the privilege of salaries in the US currency (recently Panama).

Capital of Ecuador

This is the city of Quito, about 1 million inhabitants live in it. The city is located in the mountains and stretched north to south, forming a long strip between the mountains. The country of Ecuador is heaven for mountains above 6 thousand meters.

The main cities of Ecuador: Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, Loja, Ibarra, Latacunga, Riobamba, Tena, Tulcan, Lago Agrio.

How to get to Ecuador

Traveling to Ecuador is a fascinating and unforgettable event for which you need to prepare.

Do I need a visa for Ecuador? For Ukrainians and Russians-not needed. Residents of these countries can stay in the country for 90 days. For a longer period, they can apply for a business or entrepreneur visa for six months. In addition, immigration to Ecuador has been a popular topic lately.

It is most rational to buy tickets to Ecuador in advance, at least for a couple of months. I always fly with Condor.

Flights from Europe to South and Central America always make a stop in Frankfurt and then to the Dominican Republic or Puerto Rico, as well as to Panama before reaching the final destination.

You can also find other economical options on Skyscanner. In winter and especially in summer, ticket prices go up. The most successful flight time is March-May, as well as September-November.

Ecuador Attractions

Ecuadorians love to travel but not everyone has this opportunity. Most of them go to the beach or Guayaquil on weekends or holidays. Exotic lovers go to the jungle. However, the beach always remains a preference. Some can also afford a holiday in the Galapagos.

The main city of Ecuador, Quito, connects important tourist destinations of the country.

The most famous resorts in Ecuador: Manta, Montanita, Salinas, Esmeraldas.

Each of them is beautiful and fascinating in its own way. Some beaches are striking in nature and open spaces (Tonsupa), others are popular and filled with entertainment (Manta).

In the heart of Ecuador, of course, mountains are located. For those living in Quito, it’s very easy to explore the main peaks, for example, every weekend going on a hike.

A favorite place for many tourists is Banos, Ecuador. This small mountain town has become a haven for many people of art. Here is the volcano Tunguragua and become a famous swing over the abyss.

The main airports of Ecuador are near Quito and in Guayaquil.

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