Easter Island

Easter Island, also Rapa Nui, is a remote volcanic island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean. It is most famous for its monumental moai, created by the early Rapa Nui people. These enormous statues stand on massive stone platforms called ahu across the island. The origin and purpose of these statues remain a subject of fascination and mystery. Easter Island is famous for its unique Polynesian culture, stunning volcanic craters, and rugged coastline.

Living on Easter Island was a unique experience that has ever happened in my life. Rapa Nui culture is amazing and very different from anywhere else in the world.

The reason for this is that it was secluded for a long time and still is. That is why people developed their own way of life, habits, connection with nature and rituals.

You will discover it all when traveling to Easter Island by yourself or in a group. Moai statues look giant and powerful. You can’t realize that they were built by people hundreds of years ago.

It is the most forgotten place on earth, the beauty, and originality of which is indescribable. Despite the fact that the landscape of the island is rather monotonous (volcanic, modest vegetation, dryness, and abundance of hills), and the coastline is heavily indented, it attracts hundreds of tourists every year.

The language of Rapa Nui is alive, and most of the islanders (especially the middle-aged and older generation) know and speak it.

A lot of the present life is not at all like the way the island was on the island before. The fish are now caught in large boats, and there are also many tools that allow you to collect a large amount of catch.

It makes the island less rich in crops. The multitude of visitors for whom there are not enough resources and the hopeless use of the gifts of nature by the islanders themselves is a great tragedy of the island.

Moreover, it gets more populated every year, so now it is forbidden to stay and live on the island.

You can only be a tourist. Let your travel experience on Easter Island be memorable!

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