Cascadas de Mazamitla
The waterfalls are located in the north-western part of Mexico, in the Jalisco region. This is a big place but little known. Basically here they are celebrated weekends and vacations. The location is close to the capital of the region – the city of Guadalajara. You can get a whole
Aves en Brazil
Magnificent Iguazu Falls are located in the southern region of Brazil called Paraná. This area is near the river and is part of a large green space that arrives at Chaco, Paraguay. With a large amount of humidity, the vegetation is abundant and nature has a large number of birds
Водопады Исландия
There are countries that are particularly rich in these natural wonders, for example, Norway, Canada, Iceland, the USA, Chile. In Japan, there are more than 2000 waterfalls but they are small. In Zambia, on the other hand, there are few waterfalls but they are huge. In New Zealand, there are
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