The largest and most contrasting country in Latin America. Here completely different peoples live together: strict European southerners, wild Amazon tribes as well as cheerful and active residents of northeast Brazil, living in the rhythm of music and dance.

This is a whirlpool of cultures and traditions where after 100-200 km other people already live. Food and landscapes are different. Each region boasts something special: in the south, tourists touch the historical heritage of Brazil. The south-west of the country is delightful Iguazu Falls and swampy jungle with millions of inhabitants. The entire coastline and the north-east are snow-white beaches with the Fernando de Archipelago -Noronah is at the head, and the whole wild west of Brazil is the impenetrable jungle of the Amazon.

The country’s original culture, music, dancing, samba, capoeira and rock, football and sports – everything can be found here. And also to meet a huge number of delicious and healthy fruits that are not found anywhere else.

Here you will find beautiful Brazil photos and discover the latest Brazil tourist attractions. It is a wonderful country to visit and to spend a lifetime. There’s so much experience around.

Jericoacoara, Lencois, Rio, Fortaleza – all these cities are incredible for the first-timers. Most beautiful places in Brazil are hidden and untouched. There are beaches never traveled and jungle never discovered before. Some tribes still live there without being included in the world’s list!

Fernando de Noronha is definitely worth spending at least 5 days. This unique and wild island group has all-natural wonders and crazy underwater world.

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How are things in the most remote places on earth? How are they similar and different and how to get there? Read more about me and my travel list HERE! In this article, I will talk about the three most remote, in my opinion, places where I was. Here there
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One of the richest things in Brazil is its fruits. There are more incredible and tasty tropical fruits, especially in the north of the country. In the areas of subequatorial climate, fruits acquire shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you can eat what you have in your
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Any part of the world can be a paradise – it all depends on one’s mood. However, some of the most beautiful and majestic of those places produce more effects. For me, the rich nature and jungle are places where I feel happy. From what I have seen and visited
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Fortaleza – is my favorite city in Brazil. Living in Fortaleza is a dream. It is located in the northeast of the country, almost at the entrance of the Brazilian forest. It is the capital of Ceará where there are more white and arid beaches in the country. The city
After traveling to Brazil I managed to create a collection of photos of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Brazil has, without doubt, the best beaches in the world – for all tastes and colors from the fresh south and the stifling tropical north. Here is the list of
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Magnificent Iguazu Falls are located in the southern region of Brazil called Paraná. This area is near the river and is part of a large green space that arrives at Chaco, Paraguay. With a large amount of humidity, the vegetation is abundant and nature has a large number of birds
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