One of the most contrasting countries in the world. Travelers have the feeling that it consists of many separate countries, united together. There is a huge difference between the north of the country bordering the USA (Chihuahua, Tijuana) and the colorful south and southeast (Chiapas, Cancun).

On the Pacific coast of Mexico (Puerto Escondido) you can observe the largest waves in the country. The weather conditions in these areas are good for surfing. However, one must be careful, because crime is high here.

Great Mexican cuisine! A variety of products and cooking methods vary from region to region. Each of them has secrets and recipes, plants and fruits that are unique to this area. The traditions of the regions are also very different. Even the way people dress and think differs throughout Mexico.

Cascadas de Mazamitla
The waterfalls are located in the north-western part of Mexico, in the Jalisco region. This is a big place but little known. Basically here they are celebrated weekends and vacations. The location is close to the capital of the region – the city of Guadalajara. You can get a whole
Mexico is part of North America where you have to go at least once in your life. Despite the prejudice that is a dangerous country with a highly developed crime, we must not forget that newspapers and news exaggerate the real facts. Above all, it is better to learn from
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