Ecuadorian styles: appearance and clothes

Last Updated on December 2, 2023

In this article, you will learn about traditional Ecuadorian clothes. The peculiar style of the local population is as well represented in the way how and what they wear. Find some tips about the style and more information about modern Ecuadorian clothing.

Women’s fashion

So, what do Ecuadorians wear? The most convenient clothes in Quito, the capital of Ecuador, are leggings of any color and style. Almost all women wear it to go out together with a long blouse. Those who want to look stylish, combine the color of lycra and blouse. Almost all wear boots not only for fashion but also for the weather. In Quito, the median temperature is 20 degrees. However, the city is located in the mountains, at a height of 3000 m, so in the morning and at night it is cold. Sometimes the rainy day temperature is reduced to 15 degrees. Although sometimes the hot sun comes out that can burn the skin, women always put on their boots. At the same time, there are girls who wear light clothes.

As I said, a woman in Quito likes to combine the color of blouses and boots – it’s a tribute to style. It seems very simple but the image looks in harmony. Thus the silhouette looks thinner.

Fashion Ecuador

In the capital, almost no one wears bright summer dresses, short skirts, or shorts. I remember a little uncomfortable feeling when I put on that kind of clothes. Of course, there are people who dress in an original way – there is the hippie in long skirts and ornaments. Some girls wear blouses with the pronounced neckline or short backs. Then they cover themselves with clumsiness in the subway because there it is full of people and it is quite difficult to maintain a private space.

Men’s fashion

Young men, for the most part, have the style copied from Latin pop stars. They are big shoes or bright shoes, slightly lowered and jeans, have many chains or scarf.

Older men look formal: suit, tie, hairstyle. Of course, everything depends on the level and social status.

How the Indians dress

In the capital, one can find the indigenous people who maintain their traditions and cultural traits. Very often, the Indian women stand out for the red or blue skirts, the sandals, the Indian hats with feathers and great gold decoration on the neck. The Indians live far from the center of the city, come by trade and remain in groups.

Therefore, in Quito, you can find very contrasting groups and styles. That’s why the city is so attractive to visitors and permanent residents.

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