South America

My favorite place on Earth. So many impressions and emotions are concentrated here that it is difficult to find such a piece of land where I would like to go more. South America is so diverse and contrasting, you can find almost all climatic zones and a huge variety of flora and fauna, from the majestic Andes to the Amazon jungle.

Here you can find the most good-natured and cheerful people on the planet. Here people do not think about daycares, they are focused on the present moment. They are slightly superficial and sometimes do not think about the essence of things. But overall, I was able to find a lot of interesting friends.

South America extends from the Panama Canal to Tierra del Fuego. She also owns several coastal islands – such as Fernando de Noronha and Easter Island.

Галапагосские Черепахи
How are things in the most remote places on earth? How are they similar and different and how to get there? Read more about me and my travel list HERE! In this article, I will talk about the three most remote, in my opinion, places where I was. Here there
Фрукт Кэшью
One of the richest things in Brazil is its fruits. There are more incredible and tasty tropical fruits, especially in the north of the country. In the areas of subequatorial climate, fruits acquire shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you can eat what you have in your
Пляж Бразилии Фернанду-ди-Норонья
Any part of the world can be a paradise – it all depends on one’s mood. However, some of the most beautiful and majestic of those places produce more effects. For me, the rich nature and jungle are places where I feel happy. From what I have seen and visited
Поездка в Форталезу
Fortaleza – is my favorite city in Brazil. Living in Fortaleza is a dream. It is located in the northeast of the country, almost at the entrance of the Brazilian forest. It is the capital of Ceará where there are more white and arid beaches in the country. The city
Поход в Горы Эквадора
Hiking in the mountains of Ecuador is a true survival experience. There are many inactive peaks and volcanoes that are covered in snow. It is necessary to climb in special clothing: warm socks, waterproof pants, jacket, helmet, leggings, gloves. And it is also necessary to use special shoes, metal jacks
Ahu Tongariki
The surface of Easter Island is 165 square km but there are so many interesting and beautiful places that you can always find some roads that are still unknown. For example, I was there for four months and I still find new places: a hidden path that I had not
Остров Пасхи Фото
Easter Island is 165 square kilometers with a population of approximately 3,000 inhabitants and tourists (information on the island of Rapa Nui) locals. Here are the platforms with the statues (Te Moai). However, not only stone giants are attractive to visitors. Thanks to the special tectonic structure and the emission
Индейцы Кечуа
In this article, you will learn about traditional Ecuadorian clothes. The peculiar style of the local population is as well represented in the way how and what they wear. Find some tips about the style and more information about modern Ecuadorian clothing. Women’s fashion So, what do Ecuadorians wear? The
After traveling to Brazil I managed to create a collection of photos of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Brazil has, without doubt, the best beaches in the world – for all tastes and colors from the fresh south and the stifling tropical north. Here is the list of
Ceviche Ecuador
Ecuador is one of the paradisiacal countries where there is always fresh fruit and vegetables, and the taste of food is wonderful. As far as the country is located in the climatic zones you can always find an exotic mix of dishes and flavors. Each region has its own characteristics
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