Caribbean life is a paradise that many people on Earth dream of. Nature and natural pastime are available here, you can swim all day in the ocean, go diving or surfing, and in the evening make jewelry with your own hands.

Many young hippie Americans come to relax and make some money for their pleasure. Life is quite accessible, and the natural wealth of the islands is indescribable.

Of course, the islands are completely different. For example, in the Caribbean, there are more than 60 islands of various sizes. This is a large amount for such a small space.

The largest and most famous of them are Cuba, Haiti (the Dominican Republic is located on it), Jamaica and Puerto Rico. The islands are a little smaller: Trinidad, Martinique, Dominica, Bahamas, Saint Lucia, Barbados, Saint Vincent, etc.

Of the tiniest: the Virgin and Cayman Islands, Aruba, Saint Kitts, and Nevis.

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Two completely different countries (except the French language speaking), but with a very similar name, are located a few thousand kilometers apart. This is my comparative list of Haiti vs Tahiti. But most likely, the description and comparison of the islands will consist of contrasts only. The distance between Tahiti and
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Puerto Rico is one of the most expensive dance countries in Latin America. Not long ago it became a part of the United States and there have been changes in lifestyle and infrastructure. Now when you get to Puerto Rico there is a feeling that you are in Miami. On
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Hawaiian islands The most beautiful and richest archipelago. Many say that these islands are Americanized and there are no indigenous people. Basically, this is true. Although there is, for example, the closed island of Niihau, where people still have an old lifestyle. They try to protect the island from everything
When going on a trip to the Caribbean Islands you need to remember a few things: 1. This is a very expensive journey, that is there is no need to rely on savings. Of course, you can find accommodation on But on the islands, there is much less opportunity
Salsa Cuba
Salsa is one of my passions for my whole life. In general, I love Latin American dance. But in salsa what I like most is music, especially Cuban salsa. In Cuba, salsa is treated as a living being, the heart of the people. Every night around 7:00, there are salsa
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Population of Haiti The majority of the people of Haiti are rural. The country is densely populated. Some Haitians are mulatos (mixed race Afro-Caucasian), others have African descent. The official language of Haiti is French. Many people here speak Haitian Creole that is similar to French. Most of the Haitians
Cuba cantante
Cuba is a unique country in every way. After living here once I want to stay there for life. And it’s not just about white sand beaches and friendly people. In addition to the charming landscape and the pleasant climate of Cuba, people are attracted here by a sort of
Barbados is a surprising and little-known Caribbean country (here you will find more information). But you can learn about some curiosities about this beautiful place: 1. The capital of Barbados (now called Bridgetown) used to have the name of San Miguel. 2. Barbados has a fabulous old carnival called “Crop
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