Greenland – the last northern frontier

Last Updated on December 2, 2023

Greenland (in the local language Kalaallit Nunaat) has always attracted travelers with their puzzles hidden beneath the eternal snows.

How and when is it better to go to Greenland?

Traveling to this part of the world is a not very frequent phenomenon. Greenland is not only distant and cold, but also very expensive. It is better to buy the ticket in advance, and the cheapest prices only appear in spring or autumn. It is expensive to travel in summer or at Christmas / New Year.

I went to Greenland in winter, at the beginning of December. The passage from Iceland to Greenland and back is worth as much as the rest of the way home. The route to Iceland was: Warsaw – Oslo – Reykjavik – Oslo – Warsaw. Going in winter is not the best solution because at this time of the year most of the day there is no sun and although it seems very dark and foggy. The sky is hidden by clouds and snow and rain comes from time to time.

Greenland Tourism

However, you have to know Greenland at all times of the year in order to have an idea. For example, after going to Iceland at the end of summer I had a perfect idea of this country. I loved it so much that it entered the list of the 5 countries where you have to come back. But after visiting it in winter, I almost regretted it because the impressions were quite different. Rain, wind, humidity, wet and icy snow. In addition, there is a very little sun, and all the houses are hidden under the snow.

Important cities in Greenland

Curious fact: in Iceland and Greenland it is forbidden to build houses more than 1-2 plants so that they do not make excessive shade.

Nuuk – the capital of Greenland. There are many interesting cities where one also wants to arrive once. For example, the famous beautiful Ilulissat where in summer the drift of ice along the coast begins, Kulusuk, Qaqortoq, Uammannaq, Illoqqortoornuut and the military base in the north of Qaanaaq. For me, it is a complicated language. I would need a year just to learn how to pronounce words.

Curiously, all these towns are relatively close to each other but to get there you have to take a small plane. There is only one airline in the country, therefore, the price of the flight is very high. You can also go by boat in good weather.
Bold travelers pass through Greenland from west to east through the mountains in the center of the island but it is dangerous. Most of Greenland is the national park, and even the coast is little known. On the northwest edge, there is a Canadian island Ellesmere.

It is important to remember that life is organized according to the weather conditions that change. Therefore, from air travel, it is necessary to have a few days for the next flights. In winter the flight is often delayed for 2-3 days if a storm starts. In the past one of the planes of the Icelandic airline fell, so now more precautions are taken.

Visit Greenland

In general, a trip to Greenland is not that difficult. It is only necessary to keep warm, wear something bright (yellow, orange or light green) so that the car is easier to see pedestrians in poor visibility conditions, and not fall into the snow that is deep there. : =)

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