The largest continent in the world. It was once part of a huge Pangea. The area of ​​the mainland is almost 55 mln sq. km.

Despite the fact that most of Eurasia are located in the Northern Hemisphere, still, part of the islands is located in the Southern.

The unique natural diversity of the climatic zones of the mainland, and it is also the only continent that is washed by all 4 oceans of the Earth. Eurasia finally formed in the Precambrian era. There are many faults and cracks in the mainland, many of which can be found in Tibet and Siberia.

Eurasia is rich in surface and groundwater. Its rivers flow into all the oceans of the world. The nutrition of most rivers is mainly rain, and in the mountains – glacial. They are full year-round.

The countries of Eurasia include jointly the countries of Asia and Europe. The largest states of Eurasia are: Russia, India. China, Kazakhstan.

Озеро Сары-Челек
I remember Kyrgyzstan like that – mountains, mountains, from all sides of the mountain – high snowy peaks, red-brown canyons, green valleys. Wherever you look, there are mountains somewhere. A third of the country extends over 3000m. In the east and west – this is the Tien Shan (Ala-Too), where
Andorra is my 88th country and the most beloved of miniature states. A few facts about Andorra ? The country is high in the mountains and it is really hard to get here. Neither by plane nor train, but only by bus from France and Spain. ?Andorra la Vella –
Soroca Fortress
Moldova is one of the most visited countries by Ukrainian tourists. Most people come here on business. And so to enjoy the sights – only Europeans come here in search of exotic. In fact, it seemed to me that the country has relatively few interests, but of course, there is
Caucasus Mountains in Georgia
In this photo report, I present a list of inspiring mountains I’ve visited, ranging from the stunning to the truly surreal! 10. The Pyrenees Location: France, Spain, Andorra Height: 2500 meters (average), the highest point – Aneto peak, 3404 meters Difficulty / Accessibility / Cost: They are considered the most
Путешествие в Хорватию
If you want to visit 10 countries in 2 weeks and have time to see something in each country, you can only do it in Europe. And most likely, only in southern Europe, where tiny countries are close to each other and moving from one to another is not difficult.
The Dolomites – unique mountain structure that does not belong to the Alps mountain system but they were formed by a volcanic eruption. About 250 million years ago, they were coral reefs in the oceans, and were much south, almost in the tropics. Fish, algae, and corals gradually formed limestone,
Путешествие на Север
Such an unusual direction for lovers of the north and extreme. Few ones get to Svalbard on their own. Although some people live there for several years. Getting to the cities of Longyearbyen (the main city of the archipelago) is easier to be done from Oslo. There are direct flights
Острова Средиземного моря
Why are the islands so cool? They are separate and self-sufficient, and surrounded by the endless expanses of water! An island is a small universe. Endemic animals often live there, and people have their own culture and traditions. There are also disadvantages: people on the islands are often conservative and
Горы Непала
Imagine a valley with steep mountains, rugged threads of trodden roads and colored wooden houses planted over cliffs. All this is covered with light gray smog and dust in the air. This is the central part of Nepal. Sometimes on the roads, you can meet herds of cows and yaks.
For those also enjoy exploring the underwater world, the most attractive and extensive coral area is the Coral Triangle in Southeast Asia. These travel ideas just come by themselves. I just googled “the most beautiful snorkeling spots” and found this pearl. Islands of Raja Ampat was a quite unfamiliar place,
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