TOP-5 Best Exotic Fruits of Brazil

Last Updated on December 2, 2023

One of the richest things in Brazil is its fruits. There are more incredible and tasty tropical fruits, especially in the north of the country. In the areas of subequatorial climate, fruits acquire shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you can eat what you have in your hands.

Here’s the list of exotic fruits of Brazil

Cupuaçu Fruit

This is my favorite fruit. This fruit is better known in the east of Brazil. It has a transparent white pulp similar to that of coconut. According to medicinal and nutritional properties, this fruit also looks like a coconut. It includes a large number of oils and antioxidants.

Cupuaçu is often used in masks and body scrubs. It has a pleasant smell and is very nutritious and regenerative for the skin. In addition, the fruits from Brazil can be used to make foams, cocktails of vitamins that nourish very fast.

Cupuaçu Fruit

Cupuaçu Uses

It grows in the deep tropical jungle of Amazon, mostly in the regions of Rondônia, Maranhão, Amazonas, Acre, and Pará. It is a big tree that produces the fruit of 25 cm in diameter.

Brazilian Cupuaçu fruit is quite heavy (2 kg) and consists of a very hard brown bark and tender white pulp.

You can use the whole fruit for multiple purposes:

1. The seeds can be used for milk, butter or its famous chocolate.

2. The pulp is generally used in cocktails, smoothies (Brazilan vitaminas), creams, mousses, candies, puddings and more. It is very sweet and rich.

3. The main use of cupuaçu is, of course, in cosmetics. You will find various shampoos, masks, and body creams with extensive beneficial effects (mostly nurturing).

4. You can use its bark for the production of handmade jewelry and bags.

Cupuaçu health benefits

Cupuaçu is a super healthy and powerful fruit! It is extremely rich in vitamins A, B, C, calcium, potassium, fibers, and phosphorus. If you eat it daily, you will become a superhero 🙂 as it makes your body and your immune system strong and unbreakable.

The Brazilian fruit is rich in antioxidants and fights cancer as no other fruit does! It helps your body get rid of free radicals and cholesterol.

All the health benefits of this exotic fruit of Brazil are based on the knowledge of native Indians and how they used it.

Cupuaçu fruit is rich in fibers, that is why it makes your digestion system works better. Consumption of cupuaçu seeds relieves abdominal pains.

A high level of vitamin C makes your skin look younger and levels the stress hormones in your blood (cortisol). Together with micronutrients, vitamin C helps to burn body fat. It works exactly as caffeine but it doesn’t have a bad influence on your heart and nervous system.

Açai Fruit

This is the Brazilian travel card. It is a bitter fruit that grows on tall palms in the Amazon jungle. The Indians extract it for use in the food and send it to the cities where it is used for desserts, ice cream, vitamin cocktails and much more. It is used as a basis to do anything to eat. The only fruit is not eaten, it is very bitter.

A very important characteristic of açai is the prevention of cancer. They say that the Indians who live under the dangerous sun do not get sick because they always eat this fruit.

Açai Fruit

Why açai?

Açai is the most powerful fruit in Brazil! It grows on açai palm trees in Central and South America. This is a small bitter fruit with a yellow flesh and black skin. They also have a huge seed inside.

Açai is called “a berry” but it is not exactly a berry as it has a seed like apricots have. The berries have a very plain taste like chocolate with no sugar or blackberries.

In order to be able to eat Açai, you need to make the outer skin softer by mashing it. Finally, you will get a very dark paste ready to be used in multiple recipes.

The fruit is transported as frozen purée straight from the Amazon to different parts of the world. It is the best way of transportation as often it goes through long distances. Sometimes, it also goes as dry powder or pre-made pressed juice. Of course, the fresh açai fruit is the best.

Health benefits of Açai fruit

Açai berry is a great source of antioxidants! That is why it is so good at preventing cancer and killing new-born cancer cells. Açai has ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) of 15,405 in 100 grams while blueberries have a score of 4,669.

This is a magic food that helps fight cancer at any level. Multiple scientific experiments on animals prove it.

Açai fruit is great at increasing human brain capacity. It can boost strong brain protection from damaging as you become older.

How is it done? Due to this magic fruit, the brain cleans up from ill and malfunctioning cells and becomes healthier and younger.

Açai represents a vast field of nutrients vitally important for your body and mind.

For example, you can get important fats, vitamin A and calcium as well as copper, potassium, zinc, chromium, iron, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Fruit of Cajá

It is a tasty tropical fruit of the Bahia region. It is very sweet, especially in the season, it is put in juices and desserts. The ripe cajá is very rich but in tourist areas, especially in Rio de Janeiro, it is not good because they use it frozen.

Fruits of Brazil

Health benefits of Cajá

The wonderful Cajá fruit is extremely rich in iron and vitamin C as well as various micronutrients. Basically, it looks and tastes like an orange but it is full of magnesium, iron, and vitamin C. One of the most important benefits is a tremendous boost for your immune system. It is also cholesterol-free and has heaps of antioxidants.

Jaca Fruit, Brazil

The fruit of the bread-tree grows in the central regions of Brazil, in a wooded area. It is the fleshy fruit with a large number of seeds and membranes. It is so rich that a third of the fruit can serve as dinner.

Jaca breadfruit comes from South India but grows everywhere in the world where the climate is mild and tropical. In the third world countries, people eat it to prevent hunger as it is very rich and saturated with fats, carbs, and nutrients. Vegans even use it as meat due to its texture.

Why is Jaca good for you?

Jaca breadfruit has an impressive amount of nutrients that are vitally important for your health. For example, proteins, carbs, vitamin A and C, riboflavin, potassium, and magnesium.

It is a great source of protein. It includes 3 grams per cup.

Jaca stimulates your immune system with boosting vitamins A and C. It makes your body strong and prevents a number of diseases. Jaca fruit is rich in antioxidants that also help in fighting bad radicals and cleaning your body cells.

Potassium and fiber improve your heart tone while vitamin C makes the skin more firm and healthy-looking.

Jaca fruit health benefits also include blood sugar control due to their rich and dietic structure.

How to eat Jaca breadfruit?

You can eat it raw or cooked in different variations. Vegans use it as meat while you can also put it in salads.

Jaca can be eaten in sweet and savory dishes. In order to cook it, remove the seeds carefully. The flesh is very sticky, so you may need gloves.

Jaca is mostly used in salty dishes (in tacos, seasonings), however, ripe fruit can be put in desserts.

You can even make a curry or soup with this extraordinary ingredient! Don’t hesitate to put it into yogurts or oatmeal.

Canned jaca can also be found in many stores worldwide.

Cashew Fruit

It is the pulp of the well-known nut. There is a large cashew tree in the region of Rio Grande do Norte (northeast). It is a huge leafy tree that forms an entire fruit garden. You can see the picture of cajú at the top of this post.

Cashew fruit is used for the preparation of juices and vitamin cocktails. It is rich in fibers and oils as well as micronutrients.

Cashew health benefits

1. It is really good for skin texture and health. It is all due to its rich oily components. The mixture of selenium, zinc, magnesium, iron and phosphorous makes magic to your skin!

2. Cashew fruit (and nut) stimulates constant weight loss. All you need to do is just to eat a few nuts or 1 fruit daily. Its fatty taste does not mean you will gain fat. It has a totally opposite effect.

3. An interesting feature of this wonderful fruit is eye protection. It helps to make your eyes stronger and protected from environmental pollution. The nuts (and fruit) have a special Zea Xanthin pigment with antioxidant powers. It boosts your eye protection by being absorbed by your retina.

4. Another good thing about eating cashews is heart and blood disease prevention. The ideal mixture of oils and micronutrients has a powerful boost on all your systems.


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