Mazamitla waterfalls – beautiful Mexico

Last Updated on December 2, 2023

The waterfalls are located in the north-western part of Mexico, in the Jalisco region. This is a big place but little known. Basically here they are celebrated weekends and vacations. The location is close to the capital of the region – the city of Guadalajara. You can get a whole day just to see the waterfall. But usually, it makes sense to come for a few days and stay in the mountains, take a walk through the small town with narrow streets and a small church.

Waterfalls in Mexico


To get to the city Masamitla it is necessary to take the bus in the morning at the Guadalajara train station. From there it is also possible to go to Zapotlaneho, Tonalá, Tlaquepaque and other small cities. Many of them, as you can see, still retain the name of the Native Americans. Guadalajara has grown and formed in a city with the tentacles of other small cities. After a couple of hours, you reach the place. My trip has started well. I had no intention of staying there for 2-3 days because I like to do everything quickly in principle including the trip.

Road to Mazamitla
I have more than enough time to have a general impression of the place. Then I use those grains of emotions and memories to turn them into a big energy ball which corresponds to a specific location in the world. Sometimes, if I like the place, I allow myself to stay there longer. Then the first impression is transformed into a completely different and deeper understanding of the attractive location where I am. In this case, also the image changes every time.
This is because I change myself. Every morning I am another like all people.

City of Mazamitla

This is a very beautiful tourist city. I liked the spirit of the city, the mountains, the air. Many people come to relax and take a breath. The humidity of the waterfall, the lush vegetation, and the mountain air do well to the lungs.
However, I had very little time so the souvenir shops, fortunately, have been left behind.


The waterfall

The road was quite long and wavy and sometimes I was a bit scared. It started raining. Little by little the rural road was replaced by the dense forest that breathed the accumulated humidity. Surviving in the rain is pleasant. But suddenly the rain turned into a tropical downpour. The road to the waterfall flowed as it was very humid. I think it was faster to slide towards the waterfalls. On the way, I met a group of Mexican guys who kindly offered me to wait under their umbrella for some time. But the rain did not stop. I already know what the climate of Latin America is. I had to resist until the end.
The path took me to the red-brown water that went down from the heavens. It’s amazing how the waterfall has absorbed all the colors of the rock and the sated floor. I wondered how much time would pass until the water was completely clean. The humidity enveloped everything – the skin, the lungs, the hair, and even the eyes. It is a wonderful feeling of living when you breathe everything.

Mexico Waterfalls
Finally, I wanted to have fun and take a risk to get a blurred photo full of memories in the place of falling waterfalls. And of course, I ran all the way back to not miss the bus.

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