5 Things to Remember to Visit in Nicaragua

Last Updated on December 1, 2023

In Central America, there are a lot of more exotic countries. However, some countries are so surprising that visiting only one of them can be a memorable event of the year.

One of those countries is Nicaragua. This area is a little studied. In general, tourists prefer to go to Cuba, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. Very few of them thought about Nicaragua. However, this is undoubtedly an interesting option.

Here’s the list of 5 places to check out!

Masaya Volcano

The Masaya Volcano is the biggest National Park in the country. It is located only 20km from Managua (the capital of Nicaragua) and can be visited from there or from Granada on a day trip. And it is also a protected area.

You are allowed to get to the crater in a private vehicle very close. That’s truly awesome as you just drive up to the crater and park there facing downhill.

From there, you investigate an impressive lake of molten lava. And you can enjoy bubbling lava’s glow if visiting at night!

Mombacho Volcano Nature Preserve

This place is located among coffee plantations & farms in a beautiful colorful spot. There are more than 800 species of plants and lots of animal species – for example, white-faced monkeys, howler monkeys, and quetzal birds (represented on the local currency bank notes).

To have the greatest experience, hike along the multiple trails and four volcanic craters covered with a special cloud forest.

Corn Islands

This paradise is located only 70 km from the east coast of Nicaragua. Most flights come to Big Corn – a tiny island that you can explore biking for an hour.

The golden sandy beaches are truly amazing here, and the water is warm and clear all the time.

If you’d like to explore Little Corn, just take a 40-minute boat ride. This island can be crossed walking. It is an incredible diving spot!

Lake Nicaragua

When lake Nicaragua was discovered by Spanish colonists, they thought it was a sea. Actually, it is the largest lake in Central America with an area of 8,264 square kilometers. There are more than 365 islands and two volcanos in the lake.

Lake Nicaragua is the only freshwater lake that has ocean animals (counting sharks). It is explained by the eruption of a volcano converting a sea bay into a lake and keeping the animals inside the lake.

Isla Ometepe

One of the largest islands inside lake Nicaragua is Isla Ometepe with 2 volcanos. Both of them can be climbed.

In the south of Ometepe, there’s Maderas volcano, in the north – there is Concepcion volcano. The second one is less active. You can get to a fantastic crater lake and an impressive waterfall by hiking up Maderas volcano.

Horseback riding is popular on the island as well as kayaking, mountain biking, and sunbathing on Santo Domingo beach.

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