Cuba is a country praised in the works of many local and foreign performers. Cuban culture is rich in its traditions and features, which were formed in a mild marine climate. Most of the cultural traditions are kept in Cuban songs and music. Since childhood, Cubans have been expressing and developing their talents in dancing and performance, percussion and any other plastic arts.

Life in Cuba is not at all like the life of even most of the islands close to it. Here, time seemed to slow down, and everything around was subject to its influence and control. People are accustomed to a lifestyle that has existed for several decades. For a long time, Cuba was closed from the outside world, so its own microclimate was formed here.

Having been in Cuba, I relaxed and relaxed. Due to the lack of many unnecessary things, it is easier to breathe here. It is interesting to travel on a trip, stop in small shacks where ordinary people live, dine with them, and chat.

It is interesting to dive into the ocean. Cuba’s underwater world is almost untouched, but there are places where no one dives at all. You can come to this country every year, even several times. Cuba is a country worth returning to.

Salsa Cuba
Salsa is one of my passions for my whole life. In general, I love Latin American dance. But in salsa what I like most is music, especially Cuban salsa. In Cuba, salsa is treated as a living being, the heart of the people. Every night around 7:00, there are salsa
Cuba cantante
Cuba is a unique country in every way. After living here once I want to stay there for life. And it’s not just about white sand beaches and friendly people. In addition to the charming landscape and the pleasant climate of Cuba, people are attracted here by a sort of
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