Africa has always seemed unattainable and beautiful, especially in the central and southern parts. Those who found themselves in one or more African countries have an idea of ​​how different the world is on this continent.

The continent of Africa is the land of contrasts. Here are exotic interesting traditions, lots of charming music, costumes and delicious styles. I am inspired by African jazz, talking drums, and loud voices from local residents. However, there is also pity, furious waves, and resentment of the local population. Many civil war events take place here, at least 4 times more than in the rest of the world.

That is why some African countries are separated from the world of tourism. Although as always the lesser-known lands hold natural treasures and unspeakable secrets.

In recent years, the most visited tourist countries in Africa are:

Morocco, South Africa, Tunisia, Algeria, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Uganda.

The most popular activities of tourists in Africa: safari, diving, cultural visits, boat trips around the islands, surfing, etc.

Африка культура
African drums have the magic of sounds and a deep story. Each ancient tribe filled their common life with the religious musical instruments that until now we have known as African percussion instruments. African music with drums brings the sensation of the ancient past of the people, of the mysterious
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