This small poor country is located close to the Dominican Republic, however, few people come here, despite the fact that almost everyone goes to the Dominican Republic.

That is why Haiti is much more primitive than its famous neighbor. Here you can find unusual places to dive with scuba gear, wander into the markets with handicrafts, walk through the architectural places of the capital Port-au-Prince, and much more.

A month or two is not enough to get to know Haiti, despite the small size of the country. Here you need to stay at least six months. It is best if you manage to live in one of the authentic villages and get to know the locals.

Таити Вид на Бухту
Two completely different countries (except the French language speaking), but with a very similar name, are located a few thousand kilometers apart. This is my comparative list of Haiti vs Tahiti. But most likely, the description and comparison of the islands will consist of contrasts only. The distance between Tahiti and
Как Поехать в Гаити
Population of Haiti The majority of the people of Haiti are rural. The country is densely populated. Some Haitians are mulatos (mixed race Afro-Caucasian), others have African descent. The official language of Haiti is French. Many people here speak Haitian Creole that is similar to French. Most of the Haitians
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