Puerto Rico

Where is Puerto Rico located?

This island nation is located in the Caribbean. Holidays in Puerto Rico is an exciting event. Puerto Rico 8869 sq. km belongs to the Greater Antilles.

The country belongs to the United States and apparently it has actually turned into one of the states.

A trip to Puerto Rico will open the doors of America recognizable to everyone: there are no cheerful, Latinos chatting in their own language.

The life of people is subject to the rules of the United States, the language in many cases is English.

Attractions Puerto Rico

In general, much can be said about Puerto Rico: the island is surrounded by majestic beaches and has amazingly beautiful diving sites. Everyone knows one of the deepest in the world – the Puerto Rico trench. Its approximate depth is 8,380 m.

This unique place is very popular among divers. The depression is formed between two lithospheric plates – the Caribbean and the North American. The depression is 800 km long and about 100 km wide.

In the basin area, earthquakes sometimes occur. The latter happened in 1953. And also one of the deepest fish was caught in the Puerto Rican trench – underwater volcanoes were also found there.

The weather in Puerto Rico

It is quite variable. Since this small island is subject to winds and is connected with the inner life of the ocean, during the day the sun can be replaced by a cloudy mood several times.

Do I need a visa for Puerto Rico?

Ukrainians definitely need an American visa. I myself went through this sad experience when they refuse to board a plane because of a lack of a visa. Even transit requires a visa.

There is no transit zone – all passengers pass immigration control without exception, they are stamped, and then those who travel in transit go on their flight. You need to act quickly so as not to be late.

The best beaches of Puerto Rico

Culebra Island, Vieques Island, the city’s beaches of the capital, Luquillo Beach.

San Juan

It is a crazy place to find anything. Life in Puerto Rico is in full swing at night and in the afternoon. Through the airport of the capital, there are many international flights, due to its convenient location.

Other cities of Puerto Rico

Carolina, Ponce, Guayama, Bayamón, etc.

Franco el Gorila
Puerto Rico is one of the most expensive dance countries in Latin America. Not long ago it became a part of the United States and there have been changes in lifestyle and infrastructure. Now when you get to Puerto Rico there is a feeling that you are in Miami. On
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