North America

The homeland of the Apaches, Achumawi, Absaroka and other forgotten Native American tribes that completely occupied the lands of North America until the end of the 15th century, starting from the Great Basin and up to the Arctic.

The nature of North America is so diverse that for a long time served as a natural home to the Indian tribes. In the wild valleys of the continent, they spent their whole lives – they hunted, raised children, developed new skills and technologies.

According to the classical theory, the settlement of America occurred through the Bering Strait from Asia to Alaska and from there from north to south. Until about the 15th century AD, Indian tribes lived and moved freely throughout the territory (more than 400 tribes). At the moment, there are not many native populations left. Mostly, they can be found in the center of the continent and closer to the south.

In Mexico, 10 million Indians survived to this day, which is the largest habitat in the world after Peru (14 million). Mexico is a food paradise for tourists and locals. Its abundant culture and nature allow having all the peculiarities of taste and diversity.

When passing from the USA to Mexico, it feels like the world changes completely. That is why I don’t consider Mexico as a North American country. It is very special.

The same with the far North of the Americas. Life is very different among the local tribes in Alaska and Canadian territories. But it is definitely worth visiting once in your life.

Осень на Аляске
Most of Canada is just as unexplored as some of the abandoned islands in the Pacific. The problem is that life boils only around bustling cities and regional centers – a few square kilometers where millions of people’s breaths are concentrated. The rest – wasteland, snow and wind – the
Поехать на Гавайи
Hawaiian islands The most beautiful and richest archipelago. Many say that these islands are Americanized and there are no indigenous people. Basically, this is true. Although there is, for example, the closed island of Niihau, where people still have an old lifestyle. They try to protect the island from everything
Подводный Мир Гаваев
If you look for a place on Earth that contains all the natural wonders and climatic zones and is surrounded by water and lost in the ocean, it will be the island of Hawaii (Big Island) – the largest one among Hawaiian islands with the active volcano of Kilauea, spewing fire
Оаху Гавайи
Hawaii is one of the remotest island groups on the planet. In the past, many species of plants and animals could not get there by water or by air. Therefore, in Hawaii, the natural habitat was formed. As well as on many islands distant from the great land, in Hawaii,
Медведи на Аляске
Alaska is a huge unexplored area, most of it is covered with snow and ice. It seems that you could come here for a few days and experience everything. That is my way of traveling 🙂 In two days at a gallop, to get a complete picture of Alaska. But
Viaje a la Montana
In the whole world, there are places where one certainly wants to come several times in life. One of those is a fantastic place – Alaska. This country is rich in wildlife and is isolated. Sometimes it seems separated from the civilized world of the United States. There, life goes on
Канадская природа
It is not enough time to visit Canada, even if you come here for a few months each year. The country has such a vast territory and a striking variety! Most of the tourists who come to explore the backpackers’ Canada devote time to the eastern shore – Toronto, Quebec,
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