Severe Canada is almost two-thirds a sparsely populated wasteland. Here there are such villages (for example, Nunavut) that are as distant from civilized territories as some islands of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Huge areas of snow cover the arctic part of Canada.

Due to the effect of global warming and melting glaciers, the upper part of Canada to the 50th latitude is much colder than European countries in the region of the same latitude. Therefore, the north of Canada has rich Arctic wildlife.

The eastern part of the country is a place of beautifully secluded Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Brunswick. Famous national parks of the country are located here.

Toronto is a bustling and busy city. Many immigrants come here, so you can find people of any nationality. Toronto is constantly evolving. Education is well developed here.

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Most of Canada is just as unexplored as some of the abandoned islands in the Pacific. The problem is that life boils only around bustling cities and regional centers – a few square kilometers where millions of people’s breaths are concentrated. The rest – wasteland, snow and wind – the
Канадская природа
It is not enough time to visit Canada, even if you come here for a few months each year. The country has such a vast territory and a striking variety! Most of the tourists who come to explore the backpackers’ Canada devote time to the eastern shore – Toronto, Quebec,
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