The country has 50 states, the most remote of which is the Hawaii archipelago. It is located almost 4 thousand km from the nearest coastline. These islands are part of Polynesia, which is why for a long time there were contradictions between the local population and the Americans who settled on the islands. Back in the 60s of the 20th century, Hawaiians were unfriendly to the government of their country.

There are many wonderful states in the USA, in fact, each of them is interesting. Cultural New York, pathos and rich California, wild and distinctive Alaska, hot Texas, bustling Florida, and dry majestic Arizona. In the central states, people are used to living in small towns, on ranches, farming, and living a quiet life.

California is seismically active; it gradually flows into Baja California, a region of Mexico. Border zones are especially dangerous.

Traveling in the USA might be tricky. It depends on what region and city you are going to visit. According to me, the most incredible place in the country is the Hawaiian archipelago. Here, you will find the amazing natural wonders including high mountains (the highest one is Mauna Kea), abundant jungle, beautiful smooth beaches, local traditions, huge waves, pure air, and relaxed lifestyle.

Alaska is another wild pearl of the USA. This region is not well explored and is untouched. At the same time, Alaska attracts new tourists every year. The region is so huge that it is difficult to discover it even after living there for a few months.

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Hawaiian islands The most beautiful and richest archipelago. Many say that these islands are Americanized and there are no indigenous people. Basically, this is true. Although there is, for example, the closed island of Niihau, where people still have an old lifestyle. They try to protect the island from everything
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If you look for a place on Earth that contains all the natural wonders and climatic zones and is surrounded by water and lost in the ocean, it will be the island of Hawaii (Big Island) – the largest one among Hawaiian islands with the active volcano of Kilauea, spewing fire
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Hawaii is one of the remotest island groups on the planet. In the past, many species of plants and animals could not get there by water or by air. Therefore, in Hawaii, the natural habitat was formed. As well as on many islands distant from the great land, in Hawaii,
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Alaska is a huge unexplored area, most of it is covered with snow and ice. It seems that you could come here for a few days and experience everything. That is my way of traveling 🙂 In two days at a gallop, to get a complete picture of Alaska. But
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In the whole world, there are places where one certainly wants to come several times in life. One of those is a fantastic place – Alaska. This country is rich in wildlife and is isolated. Sometimes it seems separated from the civilized world of the United States. There, life goes on
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