How to live on a small and isolated island

Last Updated on December 2, 2023

In today’s world, people are accustomed to living in cities – in great roots of civilization where everything is available and full of variety. This makes the life active (and sometimes too fast) and allows you to fill and be dependent on external reality (environment, type of news). This is the usual way of life for most people because people are social beings. This environment is comfortable for him.

It’s hard to imagine if the most normal man in a big city suddenly goes to live on the island. The whole life. We are not talking about travelers who are looking for a similar experience or for the sake of the experiment they want to go to the island to live there for a long time.

Life on Islands

This decision completely changes the lifestyle and then – the way of thinking. On the one hand, the island is a miniature model of the world. In fact, everything that is necessary for life is there. How much space in the world can a person want?

But human consciousness requires a constant change of external images and activities, permanent employment and movement. That’s all there is on the island. It is a quiet and calm place, and every day you have to fight against the monotony of the drift around. But the routine is in any life. From here you can always go out, escape. On the island, it is difficult to do. Because you have already fled.

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Most urban residents have sought refuge on the island when they had the desire to feel tired or experience something new. But, on average, they spent two weeks there. Then comes the desire to return, there is a desire to return to the usual profession and dependence on civilization.

Pausing on the island for a long time in a month and a half, you begin to notice the fatigue that surrounds it, the regularity of what is happening and the monotony of every day. I would like to see a new place, buy something new or do something far from the life of the island.

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How to fight with this state? There are several ways:

Instead of resisting the wave, you have to become it. Change the lifestyle to adapt, stop and enjoy the existence in this state of relaxation. The main thing is that it does not become lazy and passive depression. We must always be in the state of a natural soul.
It is possible to reach the activities that artificially create and fill the life of the island to try something that was previously not available. For example, do things more carefully and carefully, slowly, learn something new.
The most important thing is not to delve into the monotony. After all, every day is different, even if you are in a small room and through the window, you see a piece of the jungle. Every morning, the forest will be different: the leaves change color, and the smell of the air every time you will surprise with something new. You have to be careful. It is always useful.

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