Chile is an amazing country in South America, renowned for its diverse natural beauty. From south to north, Chile encompasses various landscapes, including the Atacama Desert, Andean mountain peaks, and fertile valleys of the Central Region. The capital, Santiago, is the cultural and economic hub of the country, boasting rich historical heritage and a modern outlook.

Chile is also known for its winemaking, producing high-quality wines that enjoy global popularity. In addition to its nature and wine, the country is rich in cultural traditions and the hospitality of its people, making it an attractive destination for travelers.

Chile is often considered a small Europe in Latin America. Here, there is a very high standard of living, and consequently, high prices. It is the world’s longest country, spanning over 6,000 km.

In Chile, one can observe a strong contrast between the dry, less developed north, which looks very similar to Peru, and the watery cool south (Chilean Patagonia and Antarctica). In the south, the standard of living is much higher (the same trend is observed in Argentina, where the south is much more prosperous and more expensive than the north). This is due to the developed tourism of Patagonia, as well as large water bodies, where there is a very rich flora and fauna.

To get to the south of Chile, you must either fly by plane or return to Argentina. Until now, a single road has not been built from the north to the extreme south of Chile. This is almost impossible to do, since the country’s coastline is heavily indented in all directions. Some villages located in branches of the Chilean land, to which there is no other way than by water, remain eternally isolated. There live 30-50 people, who sometimes sail to the regional center by ferry. The rest of the time, people live without contact with other Chileans. This is amazing.

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