The history and prosperity of the Americas were delayed in relation to the countries of Eurasia. As the migrants went to these lands from northeast Asia through the Bering Strait, resettlement occurred from the Arctic territories and Alaska through the central plains deep to the south.

In the Americas, Inca Indians were able to reach the high Andes in Argentina and stopped there. There, in the area of ​​the Inca bridge at the top of Aconcagua, the last Inca refuge was found.

To the south, people lived separately, and there were significantly fewer settlements. These were mainly Indian groups in the regions of Chile, as well as the Indians of Tierra del Fuego.

There is still an annual tradition of uniting all the Indian tribes of North and South America in the center on the Isthmus of Panama. They flee from village to village and carry homemade gifts peculiar only to their tribe. Those who reach the meeting place participate in a common Indian holiday and exchange gifts and traditions.

Across the Americas countries, people and cultures differ but they all bear the common history. It is worth visiting the far North and the far South to compare and track the similarities between nations. Some strong tourists walk from the top to the bottom.

Amazing American lands include snowy high mountains in Alaska, Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, and Peru. Incredible mountain lakes are spread throughout the South American continent. Smooth beaches abundant in wildlife and diversity go from north to south of both extended coasts of the Americas.

Latin America is a huge travel space! Living here, you can constantly find delightful rich natural places, lost cities, meet interesting people, or organize volunteer projects. Many people move to Latin America because it’s quite cheap to live here and you can easily find a job. In any part of
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Most of Canada is just as unexplored as some of the abandoned islands in the Pacific. The problem is that life boils only around bustling cities and regional centers – a few square kilometers where millions of people’s breaths are concentrated. The rest – wasteland, snow and wind – the
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One of the richest things in Brazil is its fruits. There are more incredible and tasty tropical fruits, especially in the north of the country. In the areas of subequatorial climate, fruits acquire shapes and sizes. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you can eat what you have in your
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Hawaiian islands The most beautiful and richest archipelago. Many say that these islands are Americanized and there are no indigenous people. Basically, this is true. Although there is, for example, the closed island of Niihau, where people still have an old lifestyle. They try to protect the island from everything
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Hawaii is one of the remotest island groups on the planet. In the past, many species of plants and animals could not get there by water or by air. Therefore, in Hawaii, the natural habitat was formed. As well as on many islands distant from the great land, in Hawaii,
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